Linking Land in Lyndeborough

On June 23rd PLC signed purchase and sale agreements on two properties in Lyndeborough totaling ninety acres.   If successfully protected, the parcels will be key additions to the mosaic of conservation land straddling Lyndeborough, New Boston and Francestown.  The properties would connect over 1,500 acres of existing conservation property, including more than 300 acres of abutting or close-by PLC properties.  Between now and the end of 2017, PLC will be working to raise nearly $300,000 in public and private funds to purchase the parcels from their current owner, the Charles A. Proctor Trust.

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For a map of the Proctor land as it abuts existing PLC protected land, CLICK HERE.

PLC & Brookline Complete Protection of 75 Acres along Nissitissit River

On July 19th, the Piscataquog Land Conservancy and the Town of Brookline closed on a conservation easement on 75 acres along the Nissitissit River, marking PLC's first completed project in our expanded Souhegan/Nashua watershed service area.  The land, which is now owned by the town of Brookline, had been a priority of local conservationists for nearly fifty years.  The Brookline Conservation Commission did an incredible  job pulling the project together, and the Nissitissit River Land Trust also played a crucial role as an advocate and funder.  The town and PLC will be completing an easement on another 24 acres along the river later this fall. PLC is proud to have been the town's partner in protecting this special place.  To learn more about the Nissitissit River project, read the complete story on page 3 of the PLC Spring Newsletter.

PLC Takes Ownership of Tarr Wildlife Sanctuary

Culminating years of effort by many people, on June 23rd the Piscataquog Land Conservancy took title to 332 acres of undeveloped forest, ponds, wetlands and streams in Bedford and Goffstown formerly held by the Florence Tarr Trust.   Under PLC ownership, the land will forever be known as the Florence M. Tarr Wildlife Sanctuary, in honor of the lifelong Bedford resident who originally created the sanctuary in 1993 through her estate.  The land will be managed by PLC for wildlife habitat, natural resource protection and carefully-managed public recreation.  To learn more about the Tarr Sanctuary and how it came to PLC  in the PLC Spring Newsletter If you have questions about the Sanctuary, recreational "do's and don'ts," or want to volunteer to help us take care of the property, call PLC Executive Director Chris Wells at 487-3331.

In 1969, a group of neighbors created the Piscataquog Watershed Association (PWA) to protect critical land along the Piscataquog River. Now the Piscataquog Land Conservancy (PLC), that legacy has grown to include more than 6,200 acres on 103 conservation tracts. 
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From Chris' Corner:

Acting Locally on Climate Change

This spring my wife and I took our teenage sons to a Caribbean island we had visited almost twenty years earlier as young marrieds.  Our main motivation for the trip was to give our boys the experience of snorkeling on the island’s renowned coral reefs.  The island itself looked pretty much the same, but the world underwater was profoundly disheartening.  For a week we floated over reefs that were literally pale shadows of their former selves – few fish, little color, the bay floors carpeted with bleached coral fragments.  The islanders I spoke to confirmed that yes things really had changed.  Since our first visit in 1999 the reefs had been through three “bleaching events” – coral die-backs caused by extended spikes in ocean temperature.  Like reefs all over the planet, the places we remembered with reverence are today in deep trouble.  It is often said that it is hard to motivate people on climate change because the effects are so gradual.  To see its impact on a place you love, with your own eyes, in your own lifetime is not something I wish on anyone -- but it does put things into sharper focus...
Read Chris' complete article on page 2 of the PLC Summer Newsletter

Barth 10.35 Lee 250x156.jpgThe Case for Solar Energy

by Christina Zlotnick,
Revision Energy

 In 1839, physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect, by which electricity is generated from sunlight.  Unfortunately for Monsieur Becquerel, coal was already powering the industrial revolution, and then twenty years later, crude oil was discovered in Pennsylvania.  For more than 200 years, fossil fuels have powered economic growth, technological innovation, and rising living standards of hundreds of millions of people.....
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