Nissitissit River Project
Brookline, NH

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The Piscataquog Land Conservancy is working with the Brookline Conservation Commission and the Nissitissit River Land Trust to protect nearly 80 acres of undeveloped land and half a mile of frontage on the Nissitissit River in Brookline.  The property has been a priority of local conservation groups for nearly fifty years.  The opportunity to protect the land has finally arrived -- IF we can raise the necessary funding.  

Why protect this land?

The Nissitissit River project comprises two adjacent parcels totaling nearly 80 acres located in the southeast corner of Brookline along the Nissitissit River just east of Bohannon Bridge.  Conserving the two parcels would protect both banks of a 2,600-foot stretch of the river and the groundwater aquifer that lies beneath it, one of the last large agricultural fields in Brookline, as well as varied habitat, upland forest, and extensive wetlands.  The property abuts or is close to existing conservation land in all four directions, making it a keystone to connecting the conservation lands of Brookline.  The land is identified as a priority for protection in Brookline's Master Plan.

How much will it cost?

The Brookline Conservation Commission has negotiated to purchase the two parcels for $1.1 million, and has already secured funding commitments for nearly $275,000.  Several more grant applications are pending.  The project partners have set a minimum private fundraising goal of $200,000 to share the burden with the town, which will be bringing a municipal bond for the land purchase to Town Meeting in the spring.

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How can I help?

Please consider a contribution to help fund the Nissitissit River Project.  These parcels are too important to be developed and after 50 years of waiting, the time is NOW.

DONATE ONLINE to the Nissitissit River project.  (Be sure to click other under "direct my gift," and write Nissitissit River Project in the "this gift is made" box.)

Contributions by check can be made out to Piscataquog Land Conservancy and mailed to us at PLC, 5A Mill Street, New Boston, NH  03070.  Be sure to write Nissitissit River Project in the memo line.


Contact Chris Wells at PLC -- 603-487-3331,  OR

Drew Kellner at the Brookline Conservation Commission -- 603-502-5210, 

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