Timber Harvest at Tuthill Preserve

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Photo by Meadowsend Timberlands

A timber harvest is currently under way on PLC’s Tuthill Woodlands Preserve in New Boston. Acquired by PLC in 2003, the 195-acre Tuthill Preserve is among our largest land ownerships, and is one of the best suited to forest management.  PLC commissioned a forest inventory and management plan for the Tuthill Preserve in 2016.  The plan was written by licensed foresters from TEMCO, a division of Meadowsend Timberlands., which has extensive expertise in timber management on conserved properties.  TEMCO’s foresters mapped out and marked the harvest this past summer and fall, and are now overseeing the cutting and hauling of the timber.  The logging company performing the Tuthill harvest is D.H. Hardwick & Sons of Bennington.  The work should take 4-6 weeks (cold) weather permitting. 

PLC and our forester will be leading a tour of the Tuthill harvest on February 10th. Join the tour. Register by clicking here for the PLC event page